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NFL Free Agent Rumors: The Latest on Chris Johnson; Bills, Cowboys Reportedly Out

The latest NFL rumors swirling around Chris Johnson, the one-time 2,000-yard rusher who has become the most sought after free agent on the market.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Johnson‘s divorce with the Tennessee Titans finally occurred on Friday, when the former 2,000-yard back was released by the team and hit the free-agent market. Since them, the rumor mill has churned out a number of teams reportedly interested in him, as well as teams that won’t be vying for his services.

According to reports, the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Jets were considering making a run at Johnson. Prior to his release, the Jets, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and Atlanta Falcons called up the Titans in inquire about a trade, ESPN reported.

And since he became available, a number of teams have removed their name from the list of potential suitors: The New England Patriots (per; St. Louis Rams (CBS Sports), Cowboys, Giants, and Bills.

That leaves the Jets, Dolphins, and Falcons are the three most likely landing spots for Johnson.

The Jets have been at the forefront of the Johnson story, as the team has kept its eye on the running back with his release imminent throughout the offseason. The team is well-positioned in terms of cap space, sitting at about $35.7 million, and is reportedly considering releasing Mike Goodson to make room for Johnson on the roster.

Atlanta was the first team that surfaced in connection to Johnson, but those rumors were shot down soon after. The Falcons ranked last in rushing during the  2013 regular season after free-agent signee Steven Jackson missed time due to injury. The team has about $8.7 million in cap space for the upcoming season. The Tennessean, which reported the Falcons had interest in Johnson, continues to suggest the team remains in the mix.

Miami signed veteran Knowshon Moreno to join a backfield featuring third-year player Lamar Miller, and reports have indicated Daniel Thomas‘ roster spot could be in jeopardy. The interest in Johnson could mean the team is not sold on either Thomas or Miller, who was expected to take a step forward in 2013.

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