Daily Fantasy Baseball DFS Value Update – April 3


New York Yankees (Nova) at Houston Astros (Oberholtzer)

One of my favourite pitcher plays today is Ivan Nova; he had a decent K:BB ratio last year, is facing a Houston team that has never faced him and, well, it’s Houston. There isn’t much for batters vs hitter information when it comes to Brett Oberholtzer and the Yankees, and considering the way they’ve swung the bats to start the year, I’m done sinking my money in this team.

Ivan Nova (SP) – $16,080

David Robertson (RP) – $1998

Any Houston players in this game is a complete crapshoot. Not only do they not have a history with Nova, but really, they aren’t that good of a team. If I was to take a shot in the dark, it would be on speed (the stolen bases, not the drug).

Jonathan Villar (SS) – $4479

Jose Altuve (2B) – $5299

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Michael Clifford
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