Fantasy Basketball Injury Report: Playoffs Edition Pt. 3

Kyrie Irving
Jennifer Stewart USA TODAY Sports

Already a nail-biting time, the fantasy basketball playoffs have only gotten more dire with how liberal injuries have been this year. Just when owners have gotten over a big injury, that same player could run into another major setback as is being seen with Minnesota’s Nikola Pekovic and Houston’s Dwight Howard. When it rains it pours, they say, and they’re right in this case.

To save you anymore heartbreak, we’ve compiled a list of the most important injury news for this stage of the fantasy playoffs. Starting with…

Kyrie Irving (bicep) – Rosy news for Irving fans: the stellar point guard is looking ready to play tomorrow, which is rather unexpected, as he was expected done for the season. He hasn’t provided the second-round value people have expected of him but Irving remains a top-notch asset at the point. He’ll have to shake some rust but could be an x-factor for the right owner.

Dwight Howard (ankle) – Missing 10 days at this stage of the playoffs makes you a sure dump, even if you happen to be Dwight Howard. Luckily, it seems that initial reports were wrong: Howard will miss today and tomorrow’s contests but won’t be seeing an extended sitting. That puts his return possibly as early as Friday. Tune in.

Kyle Lowry (knee) – With Lowry carted to the Raptors’ bus last game, it’s doubtful the bullish point will be back to the court tomorrow. In his stead, Greivis Vasquezone of our certified playoff point guard replacements—would make a nice few-game play at the 1.

Pau Gasol (vertigo) – The Spaniard has recovered from one of the oddest injury storylines of the season. Perhaps even more strange is that backup big Chris Kaman and himself will both start in today’s game. It’s an odd experiment on D’Antoni’s part but is at least good news for Gasol’s owners.

Nikola Pekovic (ankle) – As we mentioned in our important injury storylines update, big men with recurring lower extremity injuries should be avoided like the plague. It’s just never a recipe for success. Pekovic, as you can see, still has lingering problems with his ankle situation which just won’t go away. Drop him where you can.

David Lee (hamstring) – No Lee again today. Figures as it seems Mark Jackson is saving him for the playoffs.

Terrence Jones (flu) – In Dwight Howard’s absence, Jones is usually a top-shelf performer, but that won’t be the case if he can’t notch any game time. A case of the flu is making him a game-time decision today. If he sits out, he’ll be considered day-to-day for tomorrow’s bout.

Avery Bradley (Achilles tendinitis) – Though a grade-A scoring option, Bradley has been as healthy as the state of our nation this year. Whenever it isn’t his ankle, it’s Achilles tendinitis, or some other malady. As it’s the playoffs, look at another waiver wire option instead.

Jordan Farmar (groin) – L.A.’s top point guard reserve could be back on the court sometime next week. That much missed time keeps him from being a surefire pickup, but when healthy, Farmar has proven himself a reliable passer, three-point shooter, and scorer. Keep an eye out as his situation improves.

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