Week 17 NBA Injury Report: Goran “The Dragon” Dragic Gets Burned

Goran Dragic
Goran Dragic
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Due to some technical difficulties this week’s injury report is a tad late, but because of it, we’re bringing you double the updates, double the news.

This season has been chock-full of bad news in the injury department and it hasn’t really gotten much better in these last few weeks of fantasy hoops. One trend that XN Sports has started noticing is that players’ production seems to drop off at about a 25-40 percent rate before they come down with a semi-major or major injury. We haven’t taken enough data down at this point to verify this trend but it’s certainly something worth looking at going forward.

Goran Dragic (ankle) – The Dragon has been of the brightest fantasy assets of late and he’s been very sturdy since Bledsoe’s injury. Both points make it hard for fantasy owners to swallow that Dragic might miss some time with an ankle malady he suffered yesterday. He was able to return to court after getting hurt, so it’s not season-ending news, but could certainly put him out for tonight’s game.

Dwight Howard (knee) – Howard has upped his ante the past couple months, so, like with Dragic, losing him any amount of time would be a major blow. Luckily, bumping knees with DeMarcus Cousins didn’t slow him down against Sacramento. Though, it could keep him out today for his game against the Clippers. Keep an eye out for updates.

LaMarcus Aldridge (groin) – A top-5 power forward, L.A. has been killing it for owners all year round. Not so much the case this past week as he’s sat out with a groin setback but he should be back soon.

Paul Millsap (knee) – Millsap will miss today’s game and is day-to-day until further notice.

David Lee (illness) – Two games now, Lee has missed with a nasty illness. He was seen in a shootaround before the Warriors’ quarrel with the Bulls but remains questionable for the game.

Kawhi Leonard (hand) – The LeBron sort-of-stopper is back for the Spurs. Use him across all formats.

Nikola Pekovic (ankle) – It’s been 13 missed games now for the wall of muscle. Considering that big men have a hard time recovering from ankle woes, he could miss another handful of days.

Tony Parker (everything) – Parker has been seemingly unhealthy most of the year. With the NBA Playoffs not too far away, Popovich will sit him until he’s fully recuperated.

Anderson Varejao (back) – Be weary of Varejao going forward as he’s expected to play behind newly acquired Spencer Hawes and is a big man with a long injury history.

Arron Afflalo (ankle) – Day-to-day and very questionable for tonight’s game (especially considering the Magic aren’t playing for anything this year).

Nick Young (knee) – The Lakers can’t catch a break. Just a day into Young’s return they lost him to soreness in his ailing knee. Be cautious with picking him up until his health is proven lasting.

Jared Sullinger (concussion) – A concussion will have the big man taking his time to get back to the hardwood so he should be considered doubtful for today’s game or a possibility for Saturday at best.

Dion Waiters (knee) – Waiters hasn’t been the most consistent option, even when healthy, but he’s still a somewhat nice option for certain owners. A knee injury will force him out today.

Danny Granger (buyout) – Some owners have been scooping Granger up given he could be a nice asset on a depleted 76ers roster but they should halt at their own risk. Philly is looking to buyout Granger’s contract. If they do, the forward will most definitely end up on a contender with limited minutes.

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