Fantasy Baseball 2014: Shortstop Rankings

Hanley Ramirez
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So far, we’ve looked at a very deep pool of fantasy baseball first basemen and a not-so-deep pool of second basemen. Today we turn out attention to the top 25 fantasy baseball shortstops, a class that has more pop than in years past.

For the most part, you won’t find too much help with batting average but there are certainly more shortstops or players eligible at shortstop that can provide some power. There is certainly no shortage of steals in this year’s class either.

For the most part, the shortstop position is getting younger which means there is more uncertainty. It’s tough to predict what Jean Segura or Brad Miller will do having only seen a small sample and, harder yet to predict what we can expect from the likes of Xander Bogaerts or Jurickson Profar.

Still, I would be confident heading into the season with any one of the top 14 shortstops below, especially if you grab an insurance policy out of the fourth tier. Let’s take a look at all of our full shortstop rankings for the fantasy baseball 2014 season and be sure to check back tomorrow for our third base rankings and later this week for full 2014 projections.

Tier Rank Player
1 1 Hanley Ramirez
  2 Troy Tulowitzki
  3 Ian Desmond
2 4 Jean Segura
  5 Jose Reyes
  6 Elvis Andrus
  7 Ben Zobrist
3 8 Everth Cabrera
  9 Starlin Castro
  10 JJ Hardy
  11 Brad Miller
  12 Asdrubal Cabrera
  13 Andrelton Simmons
  14 Jed Lowrie
4 15 Jimmy Rollins
  16 Alexei Ramirez
  17 Jonathan Villar
  18 Xander Bogaerts
  19 Jurickson Profar
  20 Jhonny Peralta
  21 Erick Aybar
  22 Alcides Escobar
  23 Zack Cozart
  24 Derek Jeter
  25 Stephen Drew


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