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NBA Trade Rumors: Kenneth Faried, Andre Miller, Evan Turner, Luke Ridnour

The latest NBA trade rumors and updates surrounding Kenneth Faried, Andre Miller, Evan Turner, Luke Ridnour, and more.

Evan Turner
Evan Turner

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We’re in the middle of NBA All-Star Weekend, giving general managers a break in the regular season to discuss deadline deals. And the rumor mill is heating up with the deadline looming in five days.

One of the most speculated about deals was the New York Knicks’ attempt to trade Iman Shumpert to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Kenneth Faried. But that deal has apparently been nixed. According to Basketball Insiders, “the deal is not happening.” The teams may need a third party to help facilitate to the deal, and according to the report, that makes it even more unlikely. The San Antonio Spurs were mentioned as the third team, as they reportedly covet point guard Beno Udrih, but to attain the veteran they would not get involved in a three-way trade.

The Houston Rockets have been red-hot of late, but their recent success will not preclude them from talking about a trade over the next few days. According to the Houston Chronicle, the team in a “win-now mode” and have Omer Asik, a first- and second-round pick, and a pair of highly renowned international players to dangle. The report also indicates the team is seeking a backup wing player who is strong on the defensive end and can catch-and-shoot or another perimeter player who can create offense off the dribble.

Another Western Conference contender is also looking to make a deal. The Oklahoma City Thunder are in the market for a 3-point specialist, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Previous reports indicated Oklahoma City was looking to deal Thabo Sefolosha, and there is some speculation that the Thunder could target Jared Dudley, Mike Dunleavy, Randy Foye, Trevor Ariza, Arron Afflalo and C.J. Miles.

Nuggets guard Andre Miller has been mentioned in quite a few trade-related conversations, and apparently more teams are interested in the veteran. According to CBS Sports, you can add the Philadelphia 76ers to the list of teams that could trade for Miller. The report indicates the Sixers could absorb Miller’s $5 million salary, but the Nuggets would like to find a contender that would pay a steeper price.

CBS Sports also reported the Milwaukee Bucks are fielding calls for point guard Luke Ridnour. The Sacramento Kings and the Washington Wizards — who have previously shown interest in Miller and Udrih — are both considered potential landing spots.

The Sixers, who have openly been shopping Evan Turner, could find a partner in the Charlotte Bobcats. Currently holding the No. 8 spot in the Eastern Conference, Charlotte is expected to be aggressive at the deadline approaches and has a first-round pick to offer Philly. Ben Gordon is also rumored to be a part of that package.

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