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Daily Fantasy Basketball: Picks for the All-Star Game on DraftStreet

Daily Fantasy Basketball: Picks for the All-Star Game on DraftStreet. Josh Collacchi offers up his optimized lineup for DraftStreet’s All-Star contest.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

On DraftStreet, there is a $100,000 cap, which is used for eight players; three forwards, three guards, a center, and a utility player. In terms of value, should a player cost $15,000, incredible value would be 45 fantasy points. Unlike other daily fantasy basketball sites, playing for five times value is not the goal here, as it is nearly impossible to find on a consistent basis. As a $100K salary cap would yield about 225-255 fantasy points for a good night, the best value is normally 2.25 or higher. Anything above 2.25 is a great value.

If you have not played over at DraftStreet, be sure to check the scoring system first, as it varies from other sites. Head over to make your deposit and start playing tonight!

DraftStreet Scoring: PTS: 1 pt, REB: 1.25 pt, AST: 1.5 pt, TO: -1 pt, Missed FT: -0.5 pt, Missed FG: -0.5 pt, STL: 2 pt, BLK: 2pt.

This weekend, there is a special contest on DraftStreet for the NBA All-Star Game. This is a unique contest, and details are below.
– Free Entry
– Salary cap style: Pick any 6 all stars.
– $10,000 prize pool.
– Top 411 paid.
1st place: $1,000
2nd-410th: $22 voucher into next weeks $50,000 Wednesday league
411th: $2 voucher
– For the All Star Game on Sunday. Starts at 8:00 EST.
– First time depositors at DraftStreet receive a 100% bonus up to $200.

Rather than a value at each position, here are three players that could be the top performers in this year’s All Star Game. As always, my lineup will be featured at the end of the column.

Kevin Durant ($23,600)

Durant will likely be the most popular choice among daily players for this event, and for good reason. This year has been all Durant, and since Westbrook has gone down, KD has been the best scorer in the NBA. The All Star Game is a bit of a popularity contest, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Durant be the feature scorer for the Western Conference.

LeBron James ($23,200)

I think everyone knows what is coming. This All Star Game has the makings of a LeBron against Durant competition in the fourth quarter, and be sure to be on board in daily fantasy. Durant has been the NBA’s darling this year, and LeBron wants it back. Expect him to try for a triple-double and a ton of points for the East.

DeMar DeRozan ($9,400)
This game is all about the fans, and the fans want to see acrobatic dunks and jaw dropping plays. DeRozan is one of the players who can do that on a nightly basis. Now imagine him in a game with little to no defense. Expect DeRozan to be one of the guys at the end competing in the “dunk” portion of the fourth quarter, and he could quietly be a sleeper for the game’s MVP.
Here is the optimized lineup for this weekend
U – DeMar DeRozan ($9,400)
U – LeBron James ($23,200)
U – Kevin Durant ($23,600)
U – Blake Griffin ($21,000)
U – Damian Lillard ($11,300)
U – Joakim Noah ($11,400)

    Lillard? i love me some Lillard but last time i checked, its his first all star appearance and he is slotted to play in every single event this all star weekend. HE will be tired and play minimal minutes in the already crowded WEST. think about it…. might want to revise. love the other picks tho.

    • Josh C


      You make a good point. Personally I think Lillard is the best option with the remaining cap. Tough down in the 11Ks. Will be fun to watch.


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