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Daily Fantasy Basketball: DFS Value Plays and Lineup Recap – February 1

Full recap of last night’s top daily fantasy basketball value plays and Draftstreet lineup.

Andre Drummond
Andre Drummond

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

On DraftStreet, there is a $100,000 cap, which is used for eight players; three forwards, three guards, a center, and a utility player. In terms of value, should a player cost $15,000, incredible value would be 45 fantasy points. Unlike other daily sites, playing for five times value is not the goal here, as it is nearly impossible to find on a consistent basis. As a $100K salary cap would yield about 225-255 fantasy points for a good night, the best value is normally 2.5 or higher. Anything above 2.5 is a great value.

If you have not played over at DraftStreet, be sure to check the scoring system first, as it varies from other sites. Head over to make your deposit and start playing tonight!

DraftStreet Scoring: PTS: 1 pt, REB: 1.25 pt, AST: 1.5 pt, TO: -1 pt, Missed FT: -0.5 pt, Missed FG: -0.5 pt, STL: 2 pt, BLK: 2pt.

Let’s see how we did last night

Optimized Lineup
Position Player Price Fantasy Points Value
G Goran Dragic 16.021 30.75 1.92
G Ramon Sessions 11.188 10 0.89
G Thabo Sefolosha 6.973 21.25 3.05
F Channing Frye 8.985 15.75 1.75
F Josh Smith 13.913 30.75 2.21
F Demarre Carroll 11.666 32.25 2.76
C Andre Drummond 15.96 48.5 3.04
U Lance Stephenson 15.15 25.25 1.67
Total 99.856 214.5 2.15

On a normal night, 214.5 fantasy points is a good night on DraftStreet. 214.5 will likely win most double-ups and turn profit. Last night, 214.5 was not good enough for most contests. Mostly due to the fact that there were four games of over 200 combined points.

At guard, our value play was Ramon Sessions. He did not hit his value, and was a bad value. Shooting 3-10 and only having one assist will do that for a starting point guard. On the contrary, our other guards performed admirably. Goran Dragic contributed 30.75 fantasy points for a value just under two, and Thabo Sefolosha was one of the better players on DraftStreet last night with a 3.05 value, amassing 21.25 fantasy points.

At forward, our value play was Josh Smith who was able to contribute 30.75 fantasy points for a good value of 2.21. The other two forwards also filled in admirably as Demarre Carroll lit the scoreboard with  32.25 fantasy points for a 2.76 value and Channing Frye accrued an average 15.75 fantasy points for a 1.75 value.

The center position was where we hit it big, as most in the industry probably did as well. Andre Drummond contributed a 3.04 value at a cap hit of just under $16K. Adding 48.5 fantasy points was key to breaking 200 on DraftStreet, and it made up for the bad value from Sessions.

Lance Stephenson had a below-average game in our utility slot with just a 1.67 value score, but he has been one of the safer  choices in daily fantasy basketball.

Overall, a value of 2.15 is not a bad score, unfortunately since the rest of the community had high scores as well, 214.5 is not what it normally is.

Since today is Super Bowl Sunday, there is only one NBA game. But DraftStreet is not running any contests today because of the limited amount of choices. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s picks, and head over to DraftStreet today!

Create Your Own Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup at DraftStreet

Be sure to head to DraftStreet for all your daily fantasy needs, and good luck tonight.

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