Fantasy Basketball: Chris Paul Rears His Head

Chris Paul
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Cheater or not, Chris Paul proved for a major sector of the season that he remains the game’s best operational point guard. ‘Cept he’s not exactly operational right now. A spill that was a bit exaggerated by the alleged cheater quickly turned into a very real dosage of hurt, which resulted in a shoulder injury that has him due back around the All-Star break (or about three weeks from now). A recent report from Dan Woike of the Orange Country Register at least confirms that Paul is on the low-end of his recovery time.

Today CP3 went through a workout, albeit a non-contact one, for the first time since he had his wing clipped. The Clippers haven’t missed a beat – or a lob – without their MVP-caliber leader largely on the laurels of their shooters and a matured Blake Griffin. With Darren Collison filling in quite nicely at the point, it seems that the Clippers aren’t in a position to rush back the crafty court-seer. That usually bodes well for the long-term health of any player.

But even without a fire under his sneakers, the news of his workout signals that Paul is right on track with his recovery period. In fact, he might be able to beat it by a few days.

That’s certainly sterling news for fantasy owners who are already gearing themselves up for the last quarter of fantasy league weeks. Before biting the hardwood, Paul was the No. 1 fantasy option among points – with Stephen Curry, and sometimes John Wall, right behind him. What’s more, with the Clippers’ offense clicking at its best rate of the season, Paul might come back to a more plentiful meadow of offensive opportunities.

During a year of everyday gloom, at least Chris Paul owners can console themselves with a morsel of positivity.

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