XN Sports Year in Review: Top Articles of 2013

From fantasy news to trade rumors, to blockbuster TV deals and downright hometown griping, XN Sports has covered a wide array of sports opinions and news during the course of the year, and we’d like to present XN Sports Year in Review, a list of our favorite articles of 2013 based on timeliness, insight, and innovation.

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The Life and Death of a Vintage Cardinals Fan by George Castle

George Castle pays tribute to lifelong friend, writer, and baseball fan Jim Rygelski.

The NBA All-Underrated Team by Horace Smith

In typical Horace Smith fashion, a short list of the year’s most underrated NBA players.

An Open Letter to Prince Fielder by Peter Markus

Fiction Author Peter Markus’ debut for XN Sports in which he makes several pleas to Prince Fielder following the collapse of the Tigers in the 2013 American League Championship Series. It wasn’t long after Markus’ open letter that Fielder was traded to the Texas Rangers in return for Ian Kinsler.

Portland Trail Blazers: Welcome To The Rip City Revival by Wade Evanson

For more than two million people who’ve been living in the darkness of Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, and a lifetime’s worth of bad knees; the sun is shining on a city that needs it, and a franchise that city needs even more.

As Boston Continues to Hurt, the Bruins Can Help the City Heal Tonight by Tony Consiglio

Tony Consiglio examines importance of keeping the game alive in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Boston Marathon Bombing: Bridging Daily Diversions and Reality by Tom Laverty

In the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombings, XN Editor Tom Laverty draws connections between the communal effort of sports and the spirit of community after tragedy strikes.



Fantasy Football: 2013 Kings of Consistency by Rich Hribar

The 2013 fantasy football season was as great as ever, and as usual, a solid consistent approach to decision making will generally win out so Rich Hribar looked at the most consistent players at every position.

Poker Lessons, Applied to Fantasy Football: Learning to Lose by C.D. Carter

You’re going to lose. It’s a brutally important truth in any competition with luck baked into its innards, and it’s one you should accept, especially in fantasy football, and especially if you value your mental health.

Chicago Bears: A Sneaky Fantasy Football Godsend? by C.D. Carter

All the way back in March, C.D. Carter predicted that the Bears offense would rise to fantasy greatness under new head coach Marc Trestman.

Matt Forte: The Trestman FPPRR Effect by Rich Hribar

By the summer, XN Sports had developed full blown Trestman fever as Rich Hribar projected that Matt Forte would put up one of the best years of his career. Even Rich underestimated the effect Trestman’s offense would have on the Bears’ back.

Julius Thomas and Sustainable Fantasy Football Production by C.D. Carter

It didn’t take long to see the potential for fantasy greatness in Broncos tight end Julius Thomas following the first game of the season. C.D. Carter delved deeper into just how great that greatness could be.

Fantasy Football: Steven Jackson and FPPRR Failure by Rich Hribar

Rich’s FPPRR machine showed great promise for some but it was quick to find the bust potential in Falcons’ running back Steven Jackson.



Icing the Competition: NHL, Rogers Communications Announce Broadcasting Deal by Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford analyzed the deal between the NHL and Rogers communication which effectively gave full broadcasting rights (including internet streams) in Canada to Rogers for the next 12 years, totalling $5.2 billion.

NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Seeking Guard In Trade by Anson Whaley

Anson Whaley takes a look at possible changes for the Miami Heat, and covers what may have been the year’s most debated trade rumor.

Manny Pacquiao, Brandon Rios Camps Brawl Ahead of Saturday’s Fight by Diego Morilla

XN Sports Boxing contributor Diego Morilla covers the fracas that ensued before a bout between Brandon Rios and Manny Pacquiao.

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