MLB Bans Collisions at the Plate in 2014 – Players Respond

MLB Bans Collisions at the Plate

Beginning in the 2014 season, MLB will ban collisions at the plate. As of yet, the rules and guidelines are unclear, but the determination to do away with violent collisions between baserunners and catchers has been decided upon by Major League Baseball’s rules committee.

Undoubtedly, the movement for creating a ban on collisions gained steam when Buster Posey suffered a season-ending broken leg in a collision with Scott Cousins in 2011. Since then, the microscope on plays at the plate has intensified, and it ultimately led to this new rule, which is still quite vague.

Sandy Alderson, chairman of the Playing Rules Committee briefed the media after his meeting with the committee on Wednesday and stated:

“We had several Major League managers in attendance, and the result of the vote was that we will eliminate collisions at home plate by governing both catchers and runners in that situation. The exact language and how exactly the rule will be enforced is subject to final determination.”

The MLBPA will have to approve the rule change before it is implemented. If the players’ association does not approve it, the movement will be suspended for one year. In the meantime, the committee can determine “how exactly the rule will be enforced.”

This news will likely be polarizing among players, managers, and fans of the game, as the age-old home plate collision has been part of the game since it’s inception in the late-mid 19th century.

Below is a list of twitter response from current and former MLB players.







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