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Daily Fantasy Football: StarStreet Roster Building Week 15 (TNF)

It’s hard to splurge on any of the highest paid daily players at their position, because of how it handicaps the way you fill out the rest of your roster.

Peyton Manning Philip Rivers
Peyton Manning Philip Rivers

October 15, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) and San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) after a 35-24 Broncos win at Qualcomm Stadium. Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Every week I look at the quarterback prices on StarStreet, and every week Peyton Manning and his highest price tag stares me down.

It’s hard to splurge on any of the highest paid daily players at their position, because of how it handicaps the way you fill out the rest of your roster, but Peyton Manning has paid off his owners who spent the money on him the past two weeks.

In Manning’s last two games, he has scored exactly 31.8 StarStreet fantasy points per game.

That’s great, and all, but the minimum priced quarterback last week was Jason Campbell, at only $8,000, and he scored 1.5 points less than Manning. Campbell also cost $7,500 less than Manning.

Playing the match-ups, and saving money at the quarterback position, gives you a greater chance to build a much strong daily fantasy line-up overall.

Tonight’s Thursday Night Football match-up is re-match of Week 10, when Manning threw for 330 yards, and four touchdowns to lead the Denver Broncos over the San Diego Chargers.

On the other side of the quarterback battle facing Manning was Philip Rivers, who wasn’t able to keep up with Manning, as he was only able to throw for 218 yards, and one touchdown.

Manning comes in to the week as StarStreet’s most expensive quarterback, and Rivers comes in at QB14, if you take out the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Josh McCown, and Robert Griffin III, who aren’t likely to start this week.

Your decision to pay for Manning will revolve around whether you like to go cheap or expensive at the quarterback position on StarStreet, but Rivers offers a more interesting option.

At $11,700, the price shouldn’t scare you off completely from paying for Rivers, as he’s middle of the pack.

Working in Rivers’ favor is that he gets to go up against a Broncos defense, prior to allowing only one touchdown, and less than 200 yards to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 14, had seen three straight opposing fantasy quarterbacks puts up 20+ fantasy points against them.

In that three game span. the Broncos allowed an average of 289 passing yards, and a 7:1 passing touchdown to interception ratio.

Alex Smith and Tom Brady were the quarterbacks in those three games, and Smith was helped by rushing for 52 and 46 yards in his two games against the Chiefs. Brady went off for 344 yards, and three touchdowns though.

The Chargers are still in the hunt for the second wild card spot in the AFC, and Rivers and the Chargers should hopefully come out swinging tonight, giving you a chance to pay for a quarterback in a potential shoot-out.

This is one of those weeks on StarStreet where you can stack your daily line-up with both TNF quarterbacks, but doing so would cost you $27,500, or roughly 27.5 percent of your spending budget.

There are many cheaper options to consider outside of Rivers, such as Matt Ryan ($11,200), Kirk Cousins ($10,200), and EJ Manuel ($10,000), so if you want to wait until Sunday to fill out your line-up, that’s also an advisable move.

It’ll be tough to fill out a full line-up with both Rivers and Manning taking up so much of your spending budget, but it could give you a head start in the daily landscape this week on StarStreet.

The match-up between the Broncos and the Chargers also provides you with a chance to fill out an all TNF card, if you like that particular strategy, with the likes of Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead, Knowshon Moreno, and Demaryius Thomas all going tonight.

Whatever route you take with the TNF game this week on StarStreet, there are many enticing options, but it’s up to you to decide where to place a priority on your spending budget.

Check back later in the week when we take a look at the rest of the match-ups on StarStreet.

*Stats used in this article from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

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