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2-QB Fantasy Football

Backup QBs to Know for 2-QB Fantasy Football Playoffs

Salvatore Stefanile lists the backup QBs who may come in handy in a fantasy playoff run.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyrod Taylor
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Nov 24, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyrod Taylor (2) runs with the ball during the game against the New York Jets at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens won 19-3. Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Way back in September I surveyed the backup quarterback landscape to see if we could pinpoint any back-up quarterbacks who may become fantasy relevant in 2-QB leagues at some point during the 2013 NFL season.

Nick Foles, Chad Henne, Matt Cassel, Jason Campbell, Matt Flynn, Mike Glennon, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Josh McCown were all mentioned, and each one of them have started at least one game this year. Replace T.J. Yates’ name with Case Keenum, and we could add one more to the list.

We also can’t forget the likes of Scott Tolzien, Thaddeus Lewis, Jeff Tuel, Matt McGloin, and Brian Hoyer who have also been thrust into the role of starting NFL quarterback during the season.

Having seen how the season has unfolded these past 13 weeks, we’ve come to see how valuable backup quarterbacks are—in both a real life NFL setting and the world of fantasy football.

With the fantasy playoffs commencing in 2-QB leagues, now seemed like a good time to check in on the quarterback landscape, and see if we can pinpoint any potential backup quarterbacks who may become fantasy relevant during the playoff season.

When preparing for the fantasy playoffs of a 2-QB league compared to a 1-QB league, the major difference is at the quarterback position. Sure, that seems obvious, but it might not to the casual 1-QB fantasy football owner.

Lets take the Chicago Bears quarterback situation and use it as an example.

With Josh McCown and Jay Cutler both viable fantasy quarterback options during the playoffs, owners in 1-QB leagues can roll with either quarterback, if they feel like it.

McCown is most likely rostered in a majority of 1-QB leagues, but Cutler has a chance to be on the waiver wire of 1-QB leagues, because of his injury status and uncertainty.

In a 2-QB league, both McCown and Cutler are already rostered, as 2-QB owners don’t have the luxury to pick up a potential fantasy QB1 for the playoffs. Every fantasy relevant quarterback, and even some that aren’t, are already safely stowed away on 2-QB rosters.

In a 1-QB league, if you missed out on a Jay Cutler or Josh McCown for the week, your fall back options might include the likes of EJ Manuel, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, and Eli Manning, just as examples.

As a fellow 2-QB owner, hopefully you were working the waiver wire and trade lines of your 2-QB league during the season to prepare you for a long playoff run that culminates in a fantasy championship. If not, you might find yourself stuck with Alex Tanney.

Having explained the difference of available quarterback options between 1-QB and a 2-QB leagues during the playoffs, I’ve picked out a handful of back-up quarterbacks that may see playing time the next few weeks.

The quarterbacks you’re about to see, who are listed in no particular order, made the list either because the quarterback they are backing up is dealing with some sort of injury concern, their team is out of the playoff hunt and in evaluation mode, their team might rest starters for a playoff run, or there’s overall uncertainty revolving around the quarterback situation for that particular team.

Tyrod Taylor
Joe Flacco has already voiced his disdain for the Wildcat offense, and his backup Tyrod Taylor has already seen the field as part of the Ravens’ Wildcat offense this year.

Taylor has thrown only one incomplete pass this year, but he does have 25 yards on five carries, with a long run of 18 yards. If Taylor does get a chance to get some playing time, we might be looking at a #KonamiCode candidate.

The Ravens right now hold the #6 seed in the AFC playoffs, but have to fend off the Dolphins, Titans, Steelers, Chargers, and Jets, who are all within one game of the Ravens for that last playoff spot.

If the Ravens stay in the playoff picture, Taylor might not see any meaningful playing time, but he’s a good name to keep at the top of your 2-QB waiver wire speed dial.

Drew Stanton
I had plenty of hopes for Drew Stanton, and his opportunity to lead the Arizona Cardinals’ and Bruce Arians’ offense this year, but they were dashed when they acquired Carson Palmer.

It was a bumpy ride for Palmer to start the year, but once the Cardinals’ schedule got easier, Palmer’s play improved, and any potential playing time for Stanton dwindled with each passing week.

The Cardinals are only game back of the last Wild Card spot in the NFC, but have to fight the 49ers, and Eagles for it. If Arians didn’t bench Palmer during the rough times, he’s not going to bench him during a playoff push.

However, elbow concerns popped up recently for Palmer, and he’s a game-time decision this week versus the St. Louis Rams.

Even if Palmer does play this week, Stanton is somebody to stash on your bench, as a 33-year-old quarterback with elbow concerns is a troublesome concern. Stanton at one point was the starting quarterback option for the team, and he would be thrust into action, if Palmer were to miss some time.

Dominique Davis
The Atlanta Falcons have been eliminated from the playoffs, and it’s safe to say the 2013 NFL season has been a disappointment for the team that had the best record in the NFC last season.

Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith has made mention of how he would potentially like to see some of the young players on his team get a shot, and seeing what they have in Davis presents them with such an opportunity.

Matt Ryan isn’t chasing any historic records, and giving him some rest at the end of a meaningless season allows the Falcons’ executives and decision makers to determine if Davis has what it takes to be Ryan’s long-time backup, or if they should look elsewhere.

If there is one back-up quarterback I would think has a chance to start at least one game within in the next four weeks, it would be Davis, who has already made one relief appearance this season, where he completed five-of-seven passes for 34 yards.

Either pick Davis up now, if you have a free bench spot, or wait to see how the season unfolds as Smith allocates playing time.

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