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NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Seeking Guard In Trade

The desire for the Miami Heat to actively pursue a trade stems from Dwyane Wade’s continued health issues.

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra
Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra

Dec 3, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra (left) talks with Miami Heat shooting guard Ray Allen (right) during the second half against the Detroit Pistons at American Airlines Arena. Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, it’s difficult to envision the Miami Heat needing much of anything in terms of upgrading their team. With LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh in the fold, the Heat have stacked the deck against the NBA the past two seasons on their way to back-to-back championships. Believe it or not Miami is reportedly trying to make a move. (Per ESPN.)

The desire for a trade stems from Dwyane Wade’s continued health issues. The All-Star guard has been injured quite a bit over the past few years and on the shelf due to continued knee injuries. Wade has already missed five of the team’s 19 games heading into this weekend and that’s understandably causing some concern down in South Beach.

This isn’t Wade’s first brush with injuries, though. In fact, the guard has never played in 80 games in a season and has missed significant parts of six of his 11 NBA seasons if you include this year. Rewind back to last season when Wade was ailing during the NBA Playoffs. He not only missed a game in the postseason last year, but also was clearly hampered by the injury when he was on the court. Wade averaged a career-low 15.9 points per playoff game last season and while he certainly helped the team, he wasn’t the same player he’s been in the past.

Add it all up and it’s not too much of a surprise that the Heat want to add a little insurance in their backcourt. The next obvious question will be which players the Heat are targeting.

You can almost immediately rule out contending teams in the Eastern Conference. Franchises like the Pacers and Hawks may have available players, but the chances of them helping out the team they’re trying to defeat are slim to none. My guess? Any potential deal would come with a team not expected to contend this season. Teams are also going to be wary of helping out a franchise considered by many to be the villain. The last thing a GM wants to do is be criticized as the Memphis Grizzlies were a few years ago when they dealt franchise cornerstone Pau Gasol away for what was perceived to be a lump of coal. That didn’t turn out to be the case as Marc Gasol, one of the players in that deal, has turned into a quality player. Still, the thought of potential ridicule exists and no front office wants to deal with that headache.

We’re not that far along in the process yet, but one player who could be intriguing is Dion Waiters. As I wrote recently, the Cavs appear to be shopping him. On the surface, adding a streaky player to a championship team might appear to be a disaster. After all, why wouldn’t Miami target a more veteran presence? They certainly could, but keep in mind that they already have Ray Allen. The Heat could desire a younger player and Waiters certainly fits that bill.

One stumbling block to a potential trade could be ill feelings that might exist between the two franchises after Miami plucked LeBron James away from Cleveland. It’s been a few years, but you never know. The thought of the Cavs answering the phone when Miami comes calling just seems uncomfortable if nothing else.

Another player who might interest the Heat is Mike Miller. Miller is familiar with the team’s system having played for the Heat the past few years. Technically he’s a small forward, but Miller is enough of a shooter that he can play shooting guard as well if called upon. Currently in Memphis, the Grizzlies may be amenable to a deal since the Heat are in the Eastern Conference and Memphis isn’t currently starting him.

The Heat’s biggest problem will be trying to offer an attractive player in return. They certainly don’t want to deal away a key cog to their machine, but to get value, you’ve got to give value – whether that’s in term of talent, draft picks, or expiring contracts.

Brain Windhorst of  thinks they may be dangling center Joel Anthony, but even though big men are desired, a player like Anthony on his own isn’t going to fetch much of a return. Not only is he on the other side of 30, he’s also played sparingly this season. Anthony is also a bit undersized for center at 6-foot-9 and the idea of him trying to compete with athletic power forwards is pretty frightening.

Either way, the trade market appears to be a bit more crowded.

  • kujo37daggs

    Miami could certainly have Austin Rivers in exchange for Joel Anthony. That deal might require a 2nd rounder from the Heat at best.

    • Kevin

      the pelicans would not make that trade. I don't know what gm you have been talking too.

  • T Lucas

    Trade Bosh for Asik. Waive James Jones…..sign Shannon Brown. Start Beasley. Problem solved.

    • Kevin

      actually that creates way more problems. They would be getting rid of 2 great shooters for one rebounder and a guy who can dunk on fast breaks. there would be no floor spacing because there would be one above average 3 point shooter in chalmers in their starting lineup

    • Ralph

      Ya Shannon cn help thm out

  • neverWrong

    they should pick up shannon brown fa no need for an joel trade

    • Anson

      Brown is a decent player, but I've never been totally sold on him. His assist-to-turnover ratio is generally never good, he doesn't shoot well from three-point range, and is a very average overall player. That said, he has playoff experience and is probably about as good as it gets when it comes to available players without having to make a trade.

      • Kevin

        jannero pargo

  • M. Garguilo

    Anson, there is an unfortunate problem with your Mike Miller proposition. Any team who has released a player through the amnesty rule can not reacquire said player under any circumstances until the original terms of the contract have run out. In the case of Mike Miller, that would be following the 2014-15 season.

    • Anson

      Thanks – appreciate that. Hadn't thought of it.

      • M. Garguilo

        No problem man. Enjoying your articles. I am interested in the idea of Dion Waiters joint the heat. I think perhaps you are right though that the Cavs may not want to deal with the Heat. Also throwing Waiters who as you said has been streaky into the lineup could be a wrench in the works. It is still early in the season though.

        • Anson

          Thanks, appreciate it –

    • Kevin

      miller can be on their team at the start of next year . it's only one year after they are amnestied

      • Bell

        Yea we will like miller back

  • Jon

    Alexey shved for Joel anthony

  • cody

    trade james jones and anthony for dion waiters and if we have to give up a pick if we have one, not like we need it

  • Bell

    Wade not going no where

  • Bell

    Don't mind getting back mike miller joe can go

  • WhyNot?

    trade Haslem and Jones for (cavs) Waiters,then trade Bosh and Anthony for (nuggets) Mozgov and Hickson.

    • Jake

      i like the idea of swapping bosh and anthony for mozgov and hickson (nuggets), but i think there's no chance for waiters about haslem and jones for (knicks) shumpert.

  • James Jordan Wade

    trade haslem for jordan crawford,waive jones and sign hamed haddadi.

    • jon

      trade Bosh for Asik? are u kiddin me man?

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