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2-QB Fantasy Football

2-QB Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Week 13

Matt McGloin is just one of a handful of quarterbacks on the rise in 2QB fantasy leagues.

Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin
Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin

Nov 24, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) prepares to throw a pass before the start of the game against the Tennessee Titans at Coliseum. Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 13 Byes: Nobody. There are no more bye weeks this year in the NFL!

We are finally at that stage of the 2013 NFL regular season where bye weeks are a thing of the past, and we can now focus on earning a bye week which truly matters, a first round fantasy playoff bye week.

This is the time of the year where 2-QB leagues begin to play tricks on mindsets of 2-QBers, because all of a sudden you’re wondering if you should bench your first round stud QB1, such as Colin Kaepernick, for a waiver wire quarterback, like Josh McCown?

If you have no allegiances to the “brand name” quarterback, you make the switch, and hope it works out. But it’s still something that takes talking yourself into, and a quarterback decision where you’ll find yourself flip-flopping about 347 times.

Hopefully the quarterback rankings for Week 13, which are provided below, will take some part of the guessing game out.

Week 13 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings for 2-QB Leagues:
1. Josh McCown @ Minnesota Vikings
2. Matthew Stafford VS. Green Bay Packers
3. Cam Newton VS. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4. Carson Palmer @ Philadelphia Eagles
5. Peyton Manning @ Kansas City
6. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Indianapolis Colts
7. Philip Rivers VS. Cincinnati Bengals
8. EJ Manuel VS. Atlanta Falcons
9. Matt Flynn @ Detroit Lions
10. Tom Brady @ Houston Texans
11. Drew Brees @ Seattle Seahawks
12. Tony Romo VS. Oakland Raiders
13. Alex Smith VS. Denver Broncos
14. Russell Wilson VS. New Orleans Saints
15. Nick Foles VS. Arizona Cardinals
16. Andy Dalton @ San Diego Chargers
17. Robert Griffin III VS. New York Giants
18. Brandon Weeden VS. Jacksonville Jaguars
19. Andrew Luck VS. Tennessee Titans
20. Colin Kaepernick VS. St. Louis Rams
21. Matt Ryan @ Buffalo Bills
22. Ryan Tannehill @ New York Jets
23. Ben Roethlisberger @ Baltimore Ravens
24. Eli Manning VS. Washington Redskins
25. Case Keenum VS. New England Patriots
26. Matt McGloin VS. Dallas Cowboys
27. Mike Glennon @ Carolina Panthers
28. Joe Flacco VS. Pittsburgh Steelers
29. Christian Ponder VS. Chicago Bears
30. Chad Henne @ Cleveland Browns
31. Kellen Clemens @ San Francisco 49ers
32. Geno Smith VS. Miami Dolphins

Week 13 Quarterbacks on the Rise in 2-QB Leagues:

Matt McGloin
For a second week in a row, McGloin wasn’t able to breakthrough into the QB1 tier of fantasy quarterbacks for Week 12, but he outperformed anybody’s expectations they had him of him going into a tough match-up versus the Tennessee Titans.

On the season, the Titans had only allowed a total of seven passing touchdowns, with only one passing touchdown allowed in their previous six games (Kellen Clemens).

Not only was McGloin able to throw a passing touchdown against the Titans, but he also threw for the third most passing yards total against the Titans this year (260).

The Raiders coaching staff was impressed enough by McGloin’s performance that he’ll be making his third straight start for the team this Thanksgiving Thursday.

It seems like it’s a week-by-week trial for McGloin, but if he keeps playing the way he has so far, it’ll be unlikely Terrelle Pryor will make a return to under center for the team this year.

Nick Foles
The Philadelphia Eagles were on a bye in Week 12, but Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly endorsed Nick Foles as his starting quarterback for the rest of the season, bolstering Foles’ already high 2-QB fantasy football stock.

If you were to combine the fantasy points scored by Foles and Michael Vick, they would be good enough for QB3, behind only Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

A Week 13 showdown versus the Arizona Cardinals is not ideal for Foles, but after that it’s four straight plus match-ups, making Foles one of the most valuable quarterbacks in 2-QB fantasy football leagues.

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