Baseball, Halloween Style: SDSU Scrimmages Full Regalia (VIDEO)

SDSU Plays Baseball in Halloween Costumes
SDSU Plays Baseball in Halloween Costumes
San Diego State University players enjoy a game of baseball in full Halloween Costumes Youtube

There’s a viral video (at least it should be) on Youtube of the San Diego State University baseball team playing a game in their Halloween costumes.

The “Red” and “Black” teams held a scrimmage at Tony Gwynn Stadium in San Diego on Sunday and the ensuing video is perhaps some of the most memorable baseball footage in recent memory.

It reminds us all of what baseball should be. Fun.

Risk of injury aside, there were some outstanding plays during the four-inning affair.

Among notable plays during the scrimmage:

A blonde, long-haired cheerleader was out on a double play. The play was scored 5-6-3, or elf to baby-in-diaper, to Barack Obama.

Another baby, this one wearing a bonnet, was out on a sharp ground ball to a Facebook like button, who fired to Barack Obama for the out.

A gorilla third base coach gave signs before the the Indian brave’s 0-2 pitch, where another cheerleader grounded out to the bonnet-wearing baby, who made a strong throw to a member of the Jamaican bobsled team for the out.

I believe the first base coach was a turkey, and the Facebook like button was caught stealing.

The day’s high point was when yet another, more revealing cheerleader homered over the left field wall.


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