2014 FIFA World Cup Qualification Map [Update]

2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
Oct 15 2013 Panama City Panama The FIFA flag is brought out prior to the match between the United States and Panama at Estadio Rommel Fernandez Winslow Townson USA TODAY Sports

Since our last visualization of the world’s performance in 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, a lot has changed. Let’s just say everything looks a little more red now.

Based on Wikimedia’s freely licensed imageset, XN Sports has been using MapBox‘s framework to create an interactive image that displays the status of a nation’s World Cup hopes. As you can see below, red signifies that a country has been eliminated. So, since October 12, a number of countries have fallen victim to the hardships of global competition.

The map breaks down as follows:

  1. Nations that have qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup are in BLUE
  2. Ones still scrambling for position are in LIGHT BLUE
  3. Teams that cannot qualify despite having matches left to play: SALMON PINK
  4. The eliminated are in RED
  5. Those that never entered the WC process: PURPLE
  6. And the places that aren’t members of the FIFA high society: GREY

(Drag, zoom in or hover over the map’s regions)

Spain was one of the lucky ones to transition from light blue to blue. Therefore, it will be making an appearance in Brazil.

But the listed below are some of the countries that weren’t quite as fortunate since our last go-round. Their World Cup dreams are dead for now.

  1. Peru
  2. Bolivia
  3. Paraguay (usually a strong team)
  4. Panama
  5. Norway
  6. Finland
  7. Ireland
  8. Poland
  9. Cyprus
  10. Serbia
  11. Hungary
  12. Turkey
  13. Georgia
  14. Macedonia
  15. Bulgaria
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