XN Sports League of Champions Week 7 Preview

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick
Oct 13 2013 San Francisco CA USA San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick 7 runs with the ball during the second quarter in a game against the Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park Bob Stanton USA TODAY Sports

Week 7 marks the halfway point in most fantasy footballs leagues and the XN Sports League of Champions is no different. Our team of experts are working toward the playoffs and many feel that this week has a “must-win” feel. So here are how they guys feel about their matchups.

DERWOOD #DEGENERATES (C.D. Carter) 2-4 vs. SUDFELDSVILLE (Salvatore Stefanile) 5-1

Salvatore Stefanile: The post-Alex Smith era for Team Studfeldsville got off to a better than expected start, with quality TNF performances from both Russell Wilson and Steven Hauschka. Hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come against Degenerate Denny and his rag-tag team of #Degenerates.

Unless C.D. makes a trade for a quarterback, this will be the second time this year I’ll have struck it lucky playing a team with at least one quarterback on bye. Even if C.D. does only go with one quarterback, it’s Jay Cutler versus the porous Washington Redskins secondary, which lines up Cutler for a Top-5 fantasy QB day.

The rest of his team is also littered with studs such as Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris, and Julius Thomas, so I’m expecting this to be a close game.

BLURRED GOAL LINES (Tony Consiglio) 4-2 vs. FANTASY FOUNDATION (Rich Hribar) 4-2

Tony Consiglio: This is a big week for the new look Goal Lines. Earlier this week, I traded for Aaron Rodgers and Maurice Jones-Drew, giving up Colin Kaepernick, Danny Woodhead, and Andre Ellington. You can read our analysis of the deal here. So this is the first time I’m getting to see my new guys in action. And I’ll need a good performance from them, too.

I currently hold the fourth and final playoff spot, and Rich’s team is one of the three I’m looking up at. This is a huge matchup. My Rodgers and Matthew Stafford against his Tony Romo and Philip Rivers could provide plenty of points from both of us at the quarterback position. He’s deep at the rest of his team, too, though, with three very good wide receivers and two good running backs and a solid tight end. The only place I feel like I definitely have an advantage is with my new MJD in the flex spot over his Roy Helu.

I’m a little weaker after last week due to my loss of Randall Cobb. I did grab Jarrett Boykin off the waiver wire in the hopes he can grab that production, but I have a feeling I’m going to miss Cobb. But we’ll see. That’s why we play the games. I’m still in a position to do some damage. But a win is definitely not going to come easy against a good Fantasy Foundation.

COCONUT PETE (Tom Fitzgerald) 4-2 vs. @BRYNO RHINOS (Bryan Knowles) 0-6

Tom Fitzgerald: The Yahoo! projections are getting too close for comfort. In my matchup against @Brykno Rhinos I’m projected to win 113.73 to 111.62. I wasn’t helped by Larry Fitzgerald at all and I only have myself to blame. C.D. Carter and Igor Derysh both have discussed matchup exploitation this week on XN Sports … and Fitzgerald against a strong Seattle defense falls into the ole “unfavorable” category. My saving grace could be my oppositions starting quarterbacks. I like my RGIII and Big Ben to his Josh Freeman and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Still, these are trying times for Coconut Pete. Where’s the rum?

Bryan Knowles: Until I get my first win, all I can say is “hey!  I can fill out a complete lineup this week!”

MY BUDDY AND ME (Dave Major) 3-3 vs. THE WINTER CLASSICS (Chris Blanchard) 2-4

Dave Major: The Winter Classics; now we’re talking. Chris brings a great logo, and a tough matchup. I’m expecting to win the quarterback battle, of Manning and Foles versus Dalton and Kaepernick. I like his Seattle defense facing the Cardinals, more than my Chicago defense playing Washington. My running backs are the weak point of the contest, with Brandon Jacobs, Lamar Miller, and Zac Stacy lining up opposite Danny Woodhead, Andre Ellington, and Stevan Ridley. This could go either way, but I like my receivers to get in their head and intimidate our way to victory! Good luck, Chris!

Chris Blanchard: Following a big mid-week trade that brought Colin Kaepernick, Danny Woodhead and Andre Ellington into the fold, I have high hopes for a strong performance. Facing off against Dave Major’s killer combo of Peyton Manning and A.J. Green is daunting, but I’m confident that Stevan Ridley is finally hitting his stride. His former New England teammate Danny Woodhead is also in line for a big week against the woeful Jags. My rag-tag wide receiver corps is set to feature Steve Smith, Brian Hartline and Kendall Wright this weekend. The three pass-catchers have upside, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see all three flounder. I’m also praying for a strong week from Garret Graham. The loss of Owen Daniels was heart-breaking, and Graham needs to give me some of Daniels’ reliable production. At mid-season, we’re not where we hoped to be. This is probably a must-win game if the Winter Classics have any shot at the playoffs.

MAKE IT WAYNE (Igor Derysh) 2-4 vs. KEEPIN HEADS RINGIN (Michael Clifford) 3-3

Igor Derysh: After losing in back-to-back weeks, I feel like this is the week the Waynes turn it around. My Michael Floyd matched his Carson Palmer with 10 FPS on Thursday, which leaves him with Cam Newton to do the heavy lifting while I have Tom Brady and Eli Manning heading into great looking matchups. My Demaryius Thomas, Mike Williams, and Mike Wallace combo also have nothing but good looking matchups but he has a solid Andre Johnson, Eric Decker, Alshon Jeffery, and Miles Austin combination so it looks like a wash. Still, I’ll take my AP, DeAngelo Williams, and Heath Miller over his Fred Jackson, Le’Veon Bell, and Brandon Myers. If this matchup doesn’t come down to his San Diego defense against the Jags, I should be at 3-4 by week’s end, a mere game away from mediocrity.

Michael Clifford: After a tough loss last week despite a great performance from Cam, I find myself at 3-3. The bagel from Brandon Myers was very prescient for the rest of the week, as Greg Zuerlein outscored each of Myers, Le’Veon Bell, Fred Jackson, Eric Decker and Alshon Jeffrey, my TE, Flex, RB2, WR2 and WR3.

With only the top four making playoffs (4-2 is a four-way tie for second right now), I need to rebound with a win to keep pace in the playoff hunt. Again, I’m going to need Cam to go H.A.M. to have any chance this week with DeMarco Murray likely out, David Wilson not close to playing, and Joique Bell still limited.

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