Russian Team Offers Tim Tebow a Lucrative Contract

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
Aug 22 2013 Detroit MI USA New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow 5 on the sidelines in the fourth quarter of a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field Andrew Weber USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow may have been cut by the New England Patriots after an uninspiring preseason, but the former NFL quarterback still has seen his fair share of opportunities.

Tebow already has an offer to play for the Arena Football League’s L.A. Kiss and now a Russian football team is hoping to bring him on board. Typically, such an offer would be dismissed rather quickly, but we’re not talking chump change here. The Moscow Black Storm are reportedly willing to fork over $1 million for the quarterback to suit up for just two games.

Owner Mikahil Zaltsman confirmed the terms, per CBS Connecticut.

The kicker is that Tebow would be playing for a team that has already reached the playoffs. The Black Storm are hoping to add Tebow to their roster with the hopes of him helping the franchise win a championship. Yeah, that would do wonders for team chemistry, right? Imagine playing all season as the team’s quarterback, leading your team to the playoffs, and then being benched because the team is bringing in a ringer.

A million dollars is a significant amount of money. Tebow will likely refuse, but hey, if he can’t latch on with an NFL team, there will be plenty of similar opportunities for him to suit up. All won’t be as lucrative, but Tebow could earn a pretty good living if he wanted to by playing in such instances. My guess is we’ve not seen the last of him in the NFL, but if he’s up for making a quick buck while he waits, the chance is there.

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