2-QB Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Week 1

2-QB Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Week 1

Saints QB Drew Brees
Aug 29, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) drops back to pass before a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports
Saints QB Drew Brees
Aug 29, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) drops back to pass before a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to going over QB2 streaming options, in the ‘QB2 By Committee’ series every week, a straight forward weekly ranking of fantasy quarterbacks for 2-QB leagues will also be up on XN Sports, useful to those setting 2-QB fantasy football line-up decisions.

There might not be much of a difference between drafting Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, but that’s not going to be the case in how they’re ranked each week. This article will rank every starting fantasy quarterback each week, in the hopes of helping you you choose the starting quarterback(s) of your 2-QB league.

My good friends at TwoQBs.com have already handed in their Week 1 rankings, and if you’re looking for a different take, their website is highly recommended. Below, you’ll find my Week 1 2-QB fantasy football quarterback rankings:

1. Drew Brees
Brees loves playing against Atlanta, as he averages 300 yards passing, and two touchdowns per game, over a 15 game span.

2. Matt Ryan
Worst ranked pass covering team in 2012, according to PFF. Ryan should be in a for a shoot out battle with Brees.

3. Tom Brady
The Bills might be without the services of Safety Jarius Byrd, and that’s not a good thing, as Brady has thrown a total of 51 touchdowns in only 22 games against the Bills in his career.

4. Robert Griffin III
No team gave up more passing touchdowns (33) than the Eagles did last year, including 6 of them to RG3.

5. Aaron Rodgers
Scored over 22 fantasy points versus the 49ers Week 1 last year.

6. Matthew Stafford
Not a bad last four games against the Vikings: 312.2 passing yards/game average and eight total touchdowns.

7. Tony Romo
In two games against the Giants last year, Romo threw for 744 passing yards, and 4 touchdowns. He also had 5 passes picked off though.

8. Peyton Manning
You can give me a mulligan on Peyton, if you want, but if you thought he would throw for almost 500 yards, and seven touchdowns last night, you need to go play the lottery right now.

9. Michael Vick
Redskins in 2012 gave up the 3rd highest amount of passing yards, and 7th most fantasy points versus opposing quarterbacks.

10. Andrew Luck
There’s not much in that Raiders defense to think they’ll be any better than last season, when they gave up the 7th most fantasy points to quarterbacks.

11. Colin Kaepernick
We all remember Kaepernick’s unworldly post-season game against the 49ers last year. What you might have forgotten is that Alex Smith put up a Top-12 fantasy quarterback performance versus the Packers in the regular season last year.

12. Cam Newton
Seahawks’ top rated pass coverage + 11th in pass rushing in 2012 + Panthers’ 3rd worst ranked 2013 pre-season team in terms of protection team= Nightmare match-up for Cam. If you drafted a QB3 with an easy match-up, this might be one of those weeks you let your QB1 sit on the bench.

13. Russell Wilson
Not a great fantasy performance against Carolina last year for Wilson, as he barely managed over 7 fantasy points. But his second half performance is what we’ll be banking on, as he faces a not-so-formidable Panthers secondary.

14. Eli Manning
Eli only threw one touchdown last year in two games against the Cowboys, but in 2010 and 2011, combined, he threw 11.

15. Ben Roethlisberger
Titans defense gave up 363 passing yards and a touchdown to Big Ben last year, and the Steelers will look to Big Ben to lead the way, with their run game lacking.

16. Matt Schaub
Foster’s uncertainty, and the addition of a legitimate receiving threat behind Andre Johnson, in rookie WR DeAndre Hopkins, could lead to more pass attempts in this game.

17. Andy Dalton
Nine quarterbacks scored 12 fantasy points or less against the Bears last year. Dalton might also be without his best offensive tackle, Andrew Whitworth.

18. Joe Flacco

19. Alex Smith
The Jaguars were nothing special on defense last year against quarterbacks, with some awesome weeks (giving up less than 10 fantasy points to Ponder, Schaub, Sanchez and Locker), and other times they were disgraceful (allowing over 35 points to Schaub one week, and three other weeks saw them give up more than 20 points). Smith could have his work cut out for him, but with Bowe and Charles in tow, Week 1 could be Smith’s time to quiet the doubters. Or only reinforce how much they didn’t like him to begin with.

20. EJ Manuel
Last year’s starting quarterback in Buffalo, Ryan Fitzpatrick, in two games versus the Patriots, threw for 687 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions. While Manuel might not throw for that much, he should be able to eclipse Fitzpatrick’s 26 total rushing yards, and provide extra fantasy value on the ground. Not to mention that the Bills have an offense that could conceivably keep up the same uptempo pace as the Patriots.

21. Jay Cutler
Bengals gave up only 16 passing touchdowns last year, 4th best in the NFL.

22. Carson Palmer
Only three quarterbacks last season threw for more than one touchdown in a game against the Rams: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Ryan Tannehill.

23. Terrelle Pryor
The Cheat Code‘s strength will come from his legs, and fantasy points earned via the ground. The most mobile quarterbacks the Colts faced last year were Aaron Rodgers and Jake Locker, who both ran for over 50 yards.

24. Brandon Weeden
Weeden had his growing pains in 2012, and will be without his #1 target in Josh Gordon, but he does have Trent Richardson, Jordan Cameron, and Greg Little to throw the ball to, as well as one of the best offensive lines blocking for him. The talk has been how the Browns will open up the passing game, and going up against a middle of the road fantasy defense will hopefully shed some light on the situation.

25. Sam Bradford
The Cardinals gave up the second fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks last season.

26. Josh Freeman
Mr. Inconsistency goes up against an underrated Jets defense that allowed the 6th fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks in 2012.

27. Philip Rivers
Rivers lost his top deep threat passing option in Danario Alexander, and plays behind a less-than-stellar offensive line. I wouldn’t be surprised if J.J. Watt was in the Chargers’ backfield more than Ryan Mathews this week.

28. Ryan Tannehill
The Browns’ pass coverage, led by Joe Haden, will make things tough for Tannehill and his Left Tackle, Jonathan Martin. According to PFF, Martin was 2012’s 6th worst pass protecting tackle.

29. Jake Locker
Steelers allowed 11.49 fantasy points/game to quarterbacks in 2012, third fewest last year.

30. Geno Smith
Don’t expect much from the rookie who’s not even supposed to be starting. Doesn’t help he’ll be facing Darrelle Revis Week 1. Good thing he didn’t watch any Revis game tape, or else he might not show up this weekend.

31. Blaine Gabbert
The Kansas City Chiefs gave up the 6th most fantasy points/game to quarterbacks last year, and if you’re in need of a fill-in quarterback this week, Gabbert could be that option. Also consider Chad Henne, if Gabbert sits out Sunday.

32. Christian Ponder
Not sure how the Vikings won’t just feed the ball to Adrian Peterson all day long. In two games versus the Lions last year, Ponder attempted an average of 29 passes.

*Stats used in the article courtesy of Yahoo! FantasyPFF Fantasy, NFLData.com, CBS Fantasy Sports, Rotoworld.com, TheFakeFootball.com, ESPN.com, and Fanduel.com,

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