Rockies Coach Rene Lachemann Gives Away Baseball, Advice (VIDEO)

Rockies first base coach Rene Lachemann is giving out more than baseballs, these days. As part of his routine, Lachemann gives a ball to a young fan, but that ball comes with some advice. During Wednesday’s game against the Phillies the former Marlins skipper was captured on camera giving some of tips on growing up and being a good kid.

His chat with a young Phillies fan included tips on obeying parents, taking out the trash, not fighting with brothers and sisters and not playing video games, or else he might end up “like the rest of these idiots out here.”

Lachemann made sure to leave the little guy with the assurance that the Rockies will “come back and whip up on these Phillies. See ya later buddy.”


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