A View Into 2-QB Fantasy Football Drafts

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Aug 13 2013 Richmond VA USA Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III 10 gestures prior to throwing the ball during afternoon practice as part of the 2013 NFL training camp at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center Geoff Burke USA TODAY Sports

It’s wonderful having 2-QB ADP data at our fingertips, such as the one that Etienne Groulx has been able to provide us 2-QBers this off-season. Before Etienne graciously helped out the 2-QB community, we had to rely on quarterback ADP targeted towards 1-QB leagues to guide us during our 2-QB drafts, which isn’t all that helpful.

However, as great as it is to have 2-QB ADP, the 2-QB ADP that we have doesn’t tell the whole story.

First, it’s based on a small sample size. Twenty 2-QB mock drafts isn’t going to be universal to all 2-QB drafts and leagues out there. That’s one thing to be aware of when using the 2-QB ADP that’s featured on our site.

The second thing to note is that the 2-QB mocks that were used in the 2-QB ADP are a mix and match of mocks. There are 10-team 2-QB mocks, 12-team 2-QB mocks, mocks that award 4 points/passing touchdown, mocks that score passing touchdowns at 6 points, PPR mocks, non PPR mocks, etc.

With so many different types of mock drafts used in the 2-QB ADP you can’t expect it to 100% match up to your 2-QB draft. That’s why I like to take the 2-QB ADP and break down the quarterback position from each mock draft. I’ve done it twice before on Sports Jerks, and you can find those breakdowns here and here.

Below you’ll see a link to a downloadable spreadsheet that features each quarterback ranked by their 2-QB ADP, followed by where they were drafted overall in each specific mock draft, followed by their highest and lowest 2-QB draft points. Usually, I like to include a screenshot of the spreadsheet, but it’s getting to be bigger than the size of my screen, and this way, with a handy downloadable link, you can print it off for your 2-QB draft.

2-QB ADP Breakdown downloadable spreadsheet: QB ADP July 2013 Notes

Before you look at the spreadsheet take note of the following designations:

  • (10)=10-team 2-QB mock draft
  • (12)=12-team 2-QB mock draft
  • FFM=FFMagicMan 2-QB mock draft
  • FFO=FFOasis 2-QB mock draft
  • SJN=Sports Jerks Network mock draft

Now that you have taken a gander at the spreadsheet, and know which 2-QB mock is which, it’s time to discuss the quarterback ADP rankings.

Not a whole has really changed in the 2-QB ADP landscape between the last time I broke down the QB position, mock draft by mock draft. Below I’ve noted a few notable changes, that you might want to look out for in your 2-QB mock:

As you can see, there was very little movement amongst the ranked fantasy quarterbacks in 2-QB leagues. A one or two spot move up/down in ADP isn’t a whole lot to be worried about, for the time being. For example, if the Philadelphia Eagles name Michael Vick the starting quarterback, his ADP will more than likely rise. Pre-season games and training camp will shed light into quarterback battles in places such as Philadelphia, and Jacksonville, as another example.

Also worth mentioning is that the 2-QB ADP that was analyzed is outdated, as of now. It will be interesting to see how a new set of 2-QB ADP data would look, with E.J. Manuel, and RG3 being two quarterbacks to pay close attention to. Manuel’s QB31 ADP is sure to rise the more he plays in preseason games, and impresses the Buffalo Bills’ coaching staff. With a fully healthy RG3, the RG3 value train is about to run out of steam, as we will no longer be able to draft a potential Top-5 fantasy QB in the middle-late stages of fantasy football drafts.

Hopefully the breakdown of the quarterback position from these twenty 2-QB mock drafts will give you greater insight into how quarterbacks are drafted in 2-QB leagues, and that the information can help you out in your upcoming 2-QB draft when determining when a good time to pull the trigger on your QB1 and QB2 is.

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