An Updated Look at Where Quarterbacks are Drafted in 2-QB Fantasy Football Mocks

fantasy football mock draft
fantasy football mock draft
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The last time we took a look to see where quarterbacks were being drafted in 2-QB fantasy football mock drafts we had a total of eight 2-QB mock drafts to cull 2-QB data together from. Thanks, yet again, to Etienne Groulx (@curacaobleu), we now have updated 2-QB ADP, which includes 12 2-QB mock drafts to analyze.

With that being the case, I figured it would be a good time to see how quarterbacks are drafted now in 2-QB mock drafts, and find out if anything has changed, with an additional four 2-QB mock drafts completed.

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Below you’ll see a spreadsheet showing every quarterback that has been drafted in 12 2-QB mock drafts, as well as their current 2-QB ADP, and where they were drafted overall in each of the 12 mock drafts. The number in brackets signifies whether it was a 10-team draft or a 12 team draft.

A look into 2-QB ADP
A look into 2-QB ADP

There’s not really much to add when it comes to the drafting of quarterbacks in 2-QB mock drafts from this set of 2-QB ADP to the last.

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are still battling it out at the top of the draft, with both of those players taken within in the first three picks of each mock draft. Cam Newton is usually right behind them, except for in FFMagicMan 2QB Mock #11, where was taken 13th overall.

Anywhere from four to six quarterbacks were taken with the first round of the latest 2-QB mock drafts, with ten quarterbacks drafted in each mock’s first two rounds; minus Mock 10, which only had nine early quarterbacks drafted.

If you’re uncomfortable drafting your QB1 in the first two rounds and still want to draft a QB1 before the middle rounds, you might want to zero in on Tony Romo and Eli Manning. Only twice has Romo been a second round pick, while Eli has joined the ranks of second round 2-QB fantasy quarterbacks once. One thing to note is that all three of those instances occurred in 12-team 2-QB mocks.

Ryan Tannehill (10-team leagues) and Alex Smith (12-team leagues) represent the bottom of the QB2 groupings. If you take a look at their 2-QB ADPs, it’ll give you an idea of where to draft them. In 10 team leagues, Tannehill is going around the middle of the sixth round, while Smith, in 12-team leagues, can be had in the early eighth round. Those two quarterbacks are who you will want to target if you’re willing to wait during the draft to take your QB2. You can also add Sam Bradford and Carson Palmer to late round QB2 list, for additional options.

With four more 2-QB mock drafts in the books there wasn’t a whole lot of significant movement amongst the quarterbacks, in terms of positional ranks.

We had a lot of flip-flopping of ranks, and below I’ve grouped together the names that are most worth monitoring at this point in the off-season:

Matt Ryan went from QB9 to QB8
Russell Wilson went from QB8 to QB9
Ben Roethlisberger went from QB14 to QB15
Joe Flacco went from QB14 to QB15
Andy Dalton went from QB18 to QB17
Michael Vick went from QB17 to QB18
Josh Freeman went from QB20 to QB19
Ryan Tannehill went from QB19 to QB20
Geno Smith went from QB26 to QB25
Jake Locker went from QB25 to QB26

A couple of other 2-QB fantasy football related movements to keep an eye on involved the Buffalo Bills’ and Oakland Raiders’ quarterbacking situations. Kevin Kolb dropped one spot, and now finds himself at QB32, but E.J. Manuel, moved up three spots, from QB34 to QB31.

I wrote about how Kevin Kolb has value in 2-QB fantasy football leagues, if he were to win the Bills’ starting quarterback job, and his current 2-QB ADP were to remain steady. But Manuel is the buzzier name, and the more likely starting quarterback in Buffalo, once the season starts.

While Manuel jumping up three spots in 2-QB ADP might not seem like a whole lot, he did move himself higher in the QB3 grouping of 12-team 2-QB fantasy football leagues. If Manuel does become a starting NFL rooking quarterback this year, his ADP will certainly rise, and he might even find himself knocking on the doors of the QB2 ranks. Check out Charles Murphy of, for a look at Manuel’s fantasy value.

In Oakland, the name to keep an eye on is Tyler Wilson, who debuted at the 35 spot in the most current 2-QB ADP. Wilson has been getting some positive buzz during OTAs, and while Matt Flynn might have the confidence of the front office brass, we’ve seen Flynn beaten out by a late round rookie once before, also with the same last name. Who says it can’t happen again? This time with Tyler instead of Russell?

It’ll be interesting to see which of the Raiders’ quarterbacks ends up winning the job, be it Flynn, Wilson or Terrelle Pryor. Whoever it is should come with a low enough 2-QB ADP, that you might be able to snag them cheap, and stash them on your bench, while you wait to see how they perform on the field.

For now, immerse yourself with the spreadsheet provided above, and use it as a guide when determining when a good spot to pick your quarterbacks in 2-QB fantasy football drafts is.

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