2012-2013 NBA’s Worst Shooters Through Week 11

Dion Waiters

In keeping with tradition, from time to time Sports Jerks Network provides its readers with information on the worst performers in a given league. With 11 weeks in the books, it’s time for a wrap up of the NBA’s worst offensive performers. All players are “qualified”, meaning they’ve played in the minimum number of games to be considered for the list.


Ronnie Brewer (NY): Having played in 37 games and getting an average of 18.6 minutes, Brewer is continually struggling to find the inside of the net, making a mere 37% of his shots. He is averaging 4.5 points per game, which wouldn’t be that bad if he weren’t getting 18.6 MPG.

Dion Waiters (CLE): This is Waiters’ second appearance on our worst shooters list. After week three, Waiters was only making 36% of his field goals. After 11 weeks, Waiters has only managed to better that score by 2 points, making him the second worst shooter in the league at 38%. Waiters’ problem has devolved into a problem for the Cavaliers, who have been forced to play him an average of 30.3 MPG.

C.J. Watson (BKN): This is Watson’s first appearance on our list. He’s only getting 18.2 MPG, but he’s also only making a measly 38% of his shots which leaves him at 6.1 points per game.

Bradley Beal (WSH): Beal is getting an average of 31.7 MPG, and only scoring 13.9. He is shooting a hair below 40%.  He was left off the All-Star Roster, this time around.


Monta Ellis (MIL): Having attempted 129 three-pointers, Ellis has only made 32 of them, giving him a 3P% of 25%. This hardly seems worth it.

Shannon Brown (PHX): On top of his .421 FG%, Brown is also tossing a lot of balls from too far away, only connecting with 36 of his 126 attempted three-pointers, giving him a 3P% of 28%.

Gerald Green (IND): Green isn’t getting as many minutes as Ellis or Brown, but he too is unable to sink threes at a decent pace, especially given the fact that he has taken more shots than the aforementioned air-ballers. Green has attempted 140 three-pointers while simultaneously only getting 21.5 MPG over 39 games. He has only made 40 of them, putting his 3P% at a cool 28%

Jeremy Lin (HOU): Lin, aside from all of his popularity, is only making threes at a percentage of 28%. This might not seem like a big deal, but combine this with a .430 overall FG%, and the fact that he is averaging only 12.2 points per game over 33.4 minutes. Hardly numbers to go Lin-sane over.


Dwight Howard (LAL): This goes without saying. Howard’s inability to cash in at the charity stripe is nearly a bigger story than the fact the Lakers are 17-22. In 357 free throw attempts, Howard has only made 179. He’s shooting a hair above 50% at the line.

Josh Smith (ATL): Smith is quickly becoming the man to foul. Averaging 34.8 minutes per game, Smith is shooting 52% from the free throw line.

Reggie Evans (BKN): Part of the reason Evans is only getting 21.9 MPG might be the fact he is not able to convert at the free throw line, hitting only 54% of his attempts.

Omer Asik (HOU): The days of being let off the hook for being a Center are waning quickly, and Omer Asik can attest to that. Asik has only made 101 of his 181 FTAs, putting his percentage at 56%.

Stats courtesy of ESPN.com

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