FanDuel Fantasy Corner, The Slightly Incoherent Thoughts of a Fantasy Footballer – Week 7

Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers
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Daily fantasy football is the best thing that has ever happened to me. That’s an overstatement—other good things have happened in my life. Let’s try again. Daily fantasy football is the best thing that has ever happened to my fantasy football life.

My daily fantasy drug of choice is FanDuel. Come and join us.

This week we’re entering the FFFC Week 7 Qualifier. Entry fee: $10. The winner of this contest will receive a trip to Las Vegas and a seat in the FFFC finals.

Without revealing our lineup for the week, I’ll go through my thought process position by position and you can decide if I’m a raving lunatic or if there’s a method behind the madness.

QB: There is a dilemma here as there are some good cheap choices—Brandon Weeden at $6,300 and Andrew Luck at $7,500 really intrigue me—but  ole’ standbys Aaron Rodgers ($9,900) and Drew Brees ($9,700) could be the top week 7 QB’s. My four choices: Brandon Weeden, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees.

RB: Depending on who you read, Felix Jones is either poison or gold. For my FanDuel purposes, I will consider him gold. But only for one reason, his price tag—$5,600 this week. Maybe that leaves a little room for some Brees or Rodgers action?

RB: If I do go with Felix Jones at $5,600 for my first RB play it’d be very easy to simply go with Arian Foster at $9,300 as my second running back. But we have to wonder if we’ll get the same production from Maurice Jones-Drew at the nice price of $7,800 or Darren McFadden at $7,800. This is where the puzzle gets complicated. It’s like trying to put together pieces of the sky. We can only rely on slightly different shades of blue to guide our way. RB Choices: Felix Jones, Arian Foster, MJD, Darren McFadden.

WR: (three roster spots): A.J. Green. He’s my only definite of the week. Play him. Play him hard. I believe his $8,500 price tag is well worth it. For my second receiver I’m leaning toward Brandon Marshall at $7,000—in fact, Marshall at $7,000 might be my FanDuel play of the week. But I’m also looking to save a little cap space—which brings me to Donnie Avery at $4,800.  Yes, Avery only has 21 receptions and one TD this season but I like his matchup against Cleveland. Others to consider: Wes Welker at $8,100, Victor Cruz at $7,700 and Kendall Wright at $5,300. WR Choices: A.J. Green, Brandon Marshall, Donnie Avery, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Kendall Wright.

TE: This is toughest position for me this week. I’m torn between fellow NFL Jerks writer Adam Markowitz’s pick of Jimmy Graham and C.D. Carter’s week 7 love of Scott Chandler. Graham comes in at a cool $6,800 while Chandler could save us some cap space at measly $5,100. TE Choices: Jimmy Graham or Scott Chandler. UPDATE: Jimmy Graham is out this weekend. Starting to look like Chandler is the man for me. Or A. Hernandez at $5,800 or Jason Witten at $5,200. 

K: Don’t you just hate kickers? This week I’m torn between Mason Crosby and Steven Gostkowski. As Adam Markowitz noted in his Daily Fantasy Football picks, Crosby is kicking in a dome this week against a, “St. Louis outfit that tends to give up a bunch of field goals.” Gostkowski is up against the New York Jets. He could either have six extra points as the Patriots explode on offense or six field goals as the Patriots find themselves in a defensive struggle. He’s my boom or bust kicker of the week. Kicker choices: Mason Crosby or Steven Gostkowski.

D/ST: The Chicago Bears are the most expensive FanDuel DEF this week at $5,600. There’s a little voice inside of me wondering, “Why? What do the good people at FanDuel know?” It’s easy to get caught up in shiny pricy tags and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I also like Minnesota’s DEF this week at $5,000. Well, not so much their DEF as their potential for a big Special Teams performance. Yet another voice creeps into my head, “Could the New England Patriots be due for a big defensive game against one of their biggest rivals? Maybe a recovered Tebow fumble or two?” D/ST choices: Chicago, Minnesota, New England.

There you have it—a little insight into my choices for this weekend’s FanDuel tournaments. Tune in Tuesday morning to see how we fared.

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