Fantasy Baseball Thing – Week 26

This weeks roundup of jerks who shouldn’t be on your team but are most likely available.

It’s likely that your fantasy league is either finished, almost finished, or maybe your partaking in something like FanDuel. Whatever it is you’re doing, here is a handful of complete jerks who don’t belong on your team. We have a couple of returning jerks for week 26.

Carlos Pena (TB – 1B) Pena has his average up to a respectable .199, up one point from .198. The only thing keeping him on the team is his ability to hit home runs, and the fact that he reminds manager Joe Maddon of a kid he went to high school with, or something. This is a terrible year for Pena and we’re sick of talking about him around here so on to the next jerk.

Adam Dunn (CWS – 1B) Dunn (last year we affectionaly called him Adam Done) has been mashing the ball this year. He has 41 home runs as of last night. But that’s not all. He also leads the entire MLB in strikeouts with 207. He has 22 mores strikeouts than anyone in baseball. He has 509 at-bats which seems like a lot, but, it’s not. To put things into perspective, Derek Jeter has 643 at-bats and 86 strikeouts. Even with 41 home runs, his WAR is 1.2 – Oh, and he has a cool .210 BA.

Starlin Castro (CHC – SS) Castro is hitting .284 but he’s been caught stealing 13 times out of 38 attempts. And, he leads the majors in errors. As I said earlier this week, you’re better off putting a buoy at shortstop. How is it possible that his WAR remains 3.0? That’s right, it’s the cubs. The cotton-candy vendor in center field has a WAR of 1.8

For the record, here are few other jerks who either have bad legs or bad managers. Maybe both.

Jose Tabata (PIT – RF) 12 8
Willie Bloomquist (ARI – SS) 10 7
David DeJesus (CHC – RF) 7 8
Jeff Francoeur (KC – RF) 7 4

And, here’s a roundup of pitchers waiting for the season to end:

Blown Saves Saves ERA Hit Batters
Matt Belisle (COL) 7 2 3.55 3
Alfredo Aceves (BOS) 8 25 5.31 6
Francisco Rodriguez (MIL) 7 3 4.64 0
Gavin Floyd (CHW) 0 0 4.56 14

While the season wraps up, it’s worth pointing out that our golden boy, Jemile Weeks will likely not achieve the Triple Crown Loser this year, but his heroic efforts deserve applause. After being called back up by the A’s, Weeks numbers sit quite nicely at .221, 2 HR, and 20 RBI. It will take a miracle for him to lose the Triple Crown but it’s close enough for us.

Hopefully next year someone actually wins it. If they do, we might have to give away some baseballs signed by jerks.

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