Errors, Ejections and Jerks: Breaking Down the Dark Side of 2012

Miguel Cabrera

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s worst fielders, umps and most ejected managers. Note: some players don’t have the required number of innings played to be on the leader list, but who cares? An error is an error. Some of these bums couldnt’ get a job catching a beach ball.

National League All-Errors Team

American League All-Errors Team

Pedro Alvarez and Starlin Castro have had horrendous seasons at their respective positions, to say the least. 25 errors for the Wrigleyville golden boy is completely inexcusable. The Cubs would be better off putting a buoy out at shortstop, and DH the kid. Wait, the National League doesn’t have a DH.

Another thing to be gleaned from this list: bats talk, error’s get sucked up. Braun and Cabrera are proof of that. Braun has 40 HR and 103 RBI, Cabrera 39 HR and 125 RBI. You can put them anywhere you want.

With that said, here’s a list of managers who have managed to get themselves ejected more often than most.

2012 All-Ejections Coaching Staff

  • Don Mattingly (LAD) 6
  • Bobby Valentine (BOS) 6
  • Jim Leyland (DET) 5
  • Clint Hurdle (PIT) 4
  • Dale Sveum (CHC)  4
  • Joe Maddon (TB) 4
  • Joe Girardi (NYY) 4
  • Terry Collins (NYM) 4

My first thought was, “See the pattern here?” but there is no patttern. Sveum, Collins and Bobby V have nothing to lose. Leyland, Mattingly, Maddon and Hurdle are holding on to hope, and Girardi has newfound confidence without the braces. Is he still wearing them? Point is, personality takes the cake in this stat column.

Who’s responsible for all of these ejections? Here’s a short list of MLB’s short-fused umps.

2012 All-Jerk Umps

  • Angel Campos: 7
  • Gary Darling: 7
  • Bob Davidson: 7
  • Brian Knight: 6
  • D.J. Reyburn: 6
  • Paul Emmel: 5
  • Tim Tschida: 5
  • Jerry Layne: 5
  • Marty Foster: 5
  • Alfonso Marquez: 5
  • Bill Welke: 5

Baseball wouldn’t be baseball without blown calls, errors, and hissy-fits. Good news is, there’s plenty of season left to add to these lists. We only hope that Major League umps will soon learn their place. It’s like a friend told me years ago, “Baseball umpires should be like step-parents – seen and not heard.”


Stats courtesy of and Umpire Ejection Fantasy League.

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