Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes will always be known for his bat, his speed, and his solid defense, but last night something happened that will forever seal Reyes' name in baseball annals. This summer, the folks over at Baseball-Reference noticed that MLB was getting close to 500,000 errors recorded since 1876. Like good statisticians, they decided to track it. For the last few...

Bud Selig

The 2013 schedule seems to ignore the calls by many to remove interleague play and makes it an increasingly interwoven part of baseball, shedding even more light on an issue that's been debated in baseball since the American League adopted the DH rule in 1973.

Boston morning talk show host Rich Shertenlieb committed the most horrendous of sins Tuesday, something we should tar and feather him for. Something so ridiculous he should have all future press passes stripped away.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The number one reason the Dodgers should be ashamed is for putting Vin Scully through another bullshit season.

Jim Joyce - Umpire

I thought we'd shed some light on why Jim Joyce was left off our poll on worst umpires of 2012. To make it quite simple, he saved a woman's life on August 20th before a game between the Marlins and Diamondbacks at Chase Field. It is for this reason we felt it necessary to exclude him from our poll. Lest...

Barry Zito

Barry Zito's August was unremarkable to say the least. He was lucky to go 2-1 over his six starts as opponents hit .315 against him. Zito posted a bloated-Elvis, dead on the toilet, ERA of 6.46. But none of that really matters. Not when Zito gave us this gem: Thank you, Mr. Zito, we needed that. Nominate your own worst pitch of...