Mike Trout

In this episode the Men Up North talk about the White Sox trying to plug holes on a boat with bubble gum, the Cubs building a winner from the bottom up, Mike Trout being the best player in MLB since 2012, and the Chicago Bears handling of Kevin White and does he have an arm?

Dan Dickerson & Jim Price

Detroit Tigers radio broadcasters Dan Dickerson and Jim Price keep a dying art alive.

The Boston Red Sox announced on Tuesday that they have hired Dave Dombrowski to be their president of baseball operations.

Mario Mergola lists players you should grab from your fantasy baseball waiver wire.

Red Sox

Red Sox manager John Farrell will leave the team after being diagnosed with lymphoma. Carlos Beltran's go-ahead homer lifted the New York Yankees over the Blue Jays and into first in the AL East.

Mario Mergola lists players you should target on your fantasy baseball waiver.

2015 Detroit Tigers

XN Editor Tomas Laverty fleshes out the 2015 Detroit Tigers trials and tribulations.

Cole Hamels

In this episode we talk about the troubles the Detriot Lions are going to incur and the value of all the trades made during the MLB trade deadline.