MJ Not LeBron, No Matter What Poll Suggests

Friday, July 18, 2014 @ 12:07 PM EDT - by Glenn Minnis -

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Jordan is called air Jordan for a reason...after watching LJ up close and personal there are times he isn't floating like a butterfly but looks labored & tired. He is believing his own publicity and has to learn it takes a TEAM. MJ has my vote.


LeBron cant spell Michael Jordan 


I agree.  LJ more likable than MJ???.....these polls are marred and more geared towards amping up a desired result for the sake of money business.  In the alphabet of sports, "M" DOES come before "L".  He'll never reach that level simply because MJ built Da' Bulls- literally and hands down.  He stayed through the thick and the thin and has 6...count'em, 6 championships with 2 back-to-back-to-back triple crown seasons!!!  MJ transcends ALL sports!  He's the barometer by which other greats had been gauged! (Pick any sport: commentators of every sport competition of ANY kind, has referred to its greatest as "the Michael Jordan of (said sport)."  He's what by which greatness is measured.  When someone ,doing ANYTHING, is referred to as "the Michael Jordan of...", hands down you automatically know that person is just THAT good.  That's because, at this point in time, the overwhelming masses either heard stories of, saw whole video or highlight clips of, read about, or saw first hand MJ's greatness in action.  Most of the things Jordan has done sounds like mythological lore...that's until you Google or Bing it and see that those things actually happened!  Don't get me wrong, LJ is good heading towards greatness; but he NEVER will be THE great-test in any sport.  Had he toughed it out in Cleveland initially?...maybe (even then that'd still be a long shot!).  The only player that came close to MJ is none other than Kobe.  And I'll say this again: THE ONLY PLAYER THAT CAME EVEN CLOSE TO MIRRORING MICHAEL "AIR"JORDAN IS KOBE "JELLYBEAN" BRYANT!!!!  Hands down....without question.  It'll be near impossible to gain MJ's mythological status.  Back in the day, teams didn't have the amount of money to spend in making a championship caliber teams...1.  Allstars didn't come together to win...the grew together to win and became great Allstars in the process...2.  Then there's the loyalty factor...3.  Winning numerous championship rings doesn't make an athlete great.  Championships doesn't make an athlete great, GREATS WIN AND MAKE CHAMPIONSHIPS! (Don't get me wrong, there's been greats to the greatest to retire without rings i.e. KARL MALONE....the greatest, unstoppable power forward of my time/generation, to retire without the ring.)

Again, Lebron did the right thing going back in making amends.  I'm officially a LJ fan, now, because of it.  I hope he wears #23, again.  And as far as I'm concerned, Lebron's greatness...his greatest legacy will be based on what he did/does during his time in Cleveland. Now, I do plan on making conscious efforts in catching every LJ televised game, but this time not to see him lose; but rooting for and EXPECTING him to win...just like I did with MJ.




MJ will always be the greatest ever no matter what!!!!! LJ has no loyoilty and was only thinking of himself when he left Clevland! Why would they even take him back after all that was said and done when he left!! Its BS I will never consider him on MJs level!! In fact I dont even consider him in the top 10 greatest!! Bill Rusell, Wilt, Kareem, MJ, Tim Duncan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shakile O'niel, Isaiah Thomas, akeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller! I mean the list goes on and on before I put LJ in there!!



DeAndre Jordan

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Focus, DeAndre, it’s live TV.


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