The Derrick Rose Conundrum

Monday, August 04, 2014 @ 11:08 AM EDT - by Sam Spiegelman -

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This writer is an idiot and has no clue what he is talking about. Rose has shown he is a me first person with no care to help the team that drafted him to stay home along with giving him huge money in an extention which he has yet to earn one dollar from. i understand injurys but when you are cleared by 3 doctors to play and you say no while your team is fighting through the playoff thats not good. Rose the face of the franchise? Obviously your not from Chicago Noah is the leader and face of this franchise. He has been the guy to take the extra load and show he wants it with a smile. he plays hard he plays hurt, he shows improvement, he draws fans, he is humble and he cares about the community. Nothing bad can be ever said about Noah in Chicago. Rose on the other hand would have zero right to be mad at the Bulls as he has done nothing to better the team around him. Is  he required to , that said if you don't want to help yourself then you can only be mad at yourself. You want good players to come then get off your ass and go convince them. To be a stand offish guy with a rep of being a baby who lets his brother ruin his rep with bad advise gets you nothing. Rose has the talent and had the oppurtunity to be a Chicago great, but at this point most are just tired of his diva act and if he wants to change how Chicago history views him then he better check his attitude and dump his brother the moron asap.

The Bulls catered to this diva and he gave nothing back. Take stock this Bulls team is Noahs and Chicago Bulls and the city have accepted him with open arms as that. Rose is a possible team plus but is no leader.

Terry the Toad
Terry the Toad

Face it, Bulls fans . . . Derrick Rose is an incredibly talented bust.  He can't stay healthy, and he doesn't have the fire in his belly to be a superstar.  Why the heck would 'Melo or Love, or any other big name want to be paired with a guy who can never answer the call?

Terry the Toad
Terry the Toad

Please note: not one piece of substantive material did you add to the discussion.  When people have nothing intelligent to say, they most often reach for the lowest common denominator, i.e., a personal insult.

Thank goodness I am impervious to such childish discourse.  I guess it's what passes for witty repartee in your world, eh?




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